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Meet the
Dynasty Drunks

Learn more about the Dynasty Drunks and why we love to play dynasty fantasy football.

Darryl White

Darryl White
Darryl White
Darryl DynastyDrunk Logo

I started watching football as a young kid but never really had a favorite team until 10. I immediately started collecting Brett Favre cards, and in 1996 the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl. I have loved them ever since. My first exposure to fantasy football was in 2006. I took second place in the first league I ever joined. I had no clue what I was doing, but I managed to pick up Marques Colston and Maurice Jones-Drew. I didn't really fall in love with fantasy football until I took over an orphaned dynasty team in 2009, and dynasty has become my preferred fantasy football format.

I enjoy dynasty fantasy football because you play for the long-term, and luck becomes less involved over the long run. I particularly like to play with individual defensive players. Fantasy Football already made the boring NFL games more interesting; adding defensive players has made even the Jets slightly interesting. 


The podcast has strengthened my friendship with Jeremy and introduced hundreds of fellow fantasy players from around the world to me. We truly want to help you not only pick the best fantasy football players, but we also want to help connect people that enjoy all forms of fantasy football. I don't think I will ever be truly finished with fantasy football until I win back-to-back championships. I have been close once before, and that is the ultimate bragging rights for a fantasy enthusiast.

Jeremy Vest

Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Drunks Logo

I’ve been playing fantasy football for over12 years and dynasty fantasy football for 6 plus years. I became a Green Bay Packers and NFL fan at the age of 10, and it’s been my favorite professional sport ever since. 


What got me hooked on fantasy football is about 50% the strategy and 50%  the interaction with league mates (talking shit, trades, etc.). I’ve made friends solely via fantasy football that I’ll probably stay in contact with for life. Another big thing was winning my “home league” in 2011, the second year I played redraft. Since then, I’ve won several leagues, but I don’t think any of them have felt as good as that first one. 


Starting Dynasty Drunks was a goal of mine (and Darryl’s) for years. This was one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic for me, and I enjoy doing the show every week as much as I did the first couple weeks after we began. I also love interacting with listeners and other content creators on Twitter.

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