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Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Kyle Trask.

Kyle Trask celebrating a touchdown.
Credit Florida Gators

Our thoughts on 2021 dynasty fantasy football rookie Kyle Trask.

Kyle Trask, quarterback from Florida, six five two hundred thirty-six pounds. Trask played in their SEC; we only bring that up because of the competition level compared to some of these other quarterbacks. He has good size and displays toughness on the short-yardage runs. Unfortunately, he looks like Tim Tebow, and a jump pass could be coming at any moment. His production was likely boosted by Florida's scheme and the surrounding talent.

"Trask threw three-plus TD's in 9 straight games."

Trask was not very elusive in the pocket and had inconsistent mechanics with good enough arm strength. To get better, he needs to perfect his mechanics. Kyle Trask had a good college QBR but an average yards per attempt in the top 10th percentile. He is the only player in the past 15 years to throw three-plus TDS in nine straight games.

It could be argued that the concern with his arm strength might be a little overplayed. One particular play stood out that may address this concern. On a semi botched flea-flicker, basically, the running back tossed it low Trask had to gather up the ball off the ground and bring it up for the throw. Leaving him with very little time to establish his base. Trask threw it from basically one twenty-five-yard line to the other twenty-five-yard line with rushers in his face. If Kyle Trask was able to set his feet, he did so with them sideways. The ball went from 50 yards in the air on what was likely pure arm strength.

Trask profiles at just about the same size as Cam Newton, who has been successful in New England at points last year and in Carolina for many years. Trask will probably be a late third or fourth round quarterback in super-flex leagues and a late flyer in one quarterback leagues, just like every quarterback except for the top guys.

Dynasty Outlook

History shows that if the QB isn't drafted in the first round, don't even think about it for the most part. Since Tom Brady, there have been only three relevant quarterbacks, Russell Wilson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Dak Prescott. After a quarterback slips out of the first round of an NFL draft, don't even bother.

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