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Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Kellen Mond.

Elijah Moore running with the football.

Our thoughts on 2021 dynasty fantasy football rookie Kellen Mond.

Kellen Mond, quarterback Texas A&M, six-two and a half, 211 pounds, four-six-one forty yard dash. The first thing you notice is a massive arm with great zip on his throws from different platforms and while on the move. He throws a very pretty deep ball and has rushing upside. Mond remains poised in the pocket under pressure. Mond is durable. There's something to be said for a guy that doesn't get hurt in 44 starts which is a Texas A&M school record, and Patrick Mahomes went to Texas A&M. Mond is more of a running type of quarterback, and you would expect to see more production in that Texas A&M offense.

"There is somthing to be said for a guy who doesn't get hurt."

The quarterbacks with big arms come with some negatives. Sometimes these guys can't get the touch throws right. Kellen Mond can be seen staring down his target at times, but he displays the ability to hold the defender with his eyes. Occasionally, he would look right at his guy the whole time, which turned into turnovers and broken-up passes. Mond might be trusting his arm a little too much.

Mond is not quite as tall as Colin Kaepernick; we can see the comparison with his talent and ability. Mond has a very long stride and can chew up yards quickly. Kellen keeps the ball up high when setting up for the pass. Some quarterbacks drop the ball down, but it did feel like he has a longer throwing motion. It seemed like the ball just didn’t come out of his hands as fast as it should.

Dynasty Outlook

Kellen Mond is not going to go in the first round. You probably shouldn't be overly interested because the historical data shows that quarterbacks drafted outside the first round of the NFL rookie draft don’t make it as NFL quarterbacks. He is worth a late rookie pick, as it won’t hurt you in the long run.

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