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Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Elijah Moore.

Elijah Moore running with the football.

Our thoughts on 2021 dynasty fantasy football rookie Elijah Moore.

Elijah Moore, wide receiver from Ole Miss, five-foot-nine 185 pounds. Moore finished with 38th percent college dominator rating with 43 of the team’s total yardage. He was number one in the country with 149.1 yards per game and 10.8 catches per game. Moore had one game with less than ten receptions in 2020.

"No reason why he can't be like Tyler Lockett, or better."

Moore displays the ability to execute double moves in open space. During one particular play, Moore cut a route 45 degrees in the other direction without wasting any time, and he takes good angles that help create separation. Moore’s smooth footwork keeps him from losing speed when cutting; he did the little things he needed to do to get open.

Last year Moore’s production went up fewer targets, games, and a smaller share of the team’s targets. Tyler Lockett might be his best comparable player. Lockett is an inch taller than Moore, but he could have a very similar career, and we will take that any day. Elijah Moore catches the ball well away from his body while displaying good hands and concentration in traffic. He has the ability to go up and win jump balls even though he's not a big wide receiver.

The route running route tree was a little limited, but it appears that what he was asked to do at Ole Miss. Moore got jammed by some linebackers and safeties pretty easily. You can expect a player his size to get jammed up by bigger and more physical coverage. One of the main things we look at is blocking. Blocking is how you get on the field as a young wide receiver, and he just didn't seem too interested in being a blocker.

Dynasty Outlook

Elijah Moore will live in the slot and could be a weapon on the outside as he develops. On tape, he looks like one of the smoothest guys running around on the field. He may not be flashy but when you watch Elijah Moore on the field you like what you see. You shouldn’t be against taking him around pick 1.08 or 1.09 nine, he looks like one of the top wide receivers and should be drafted like one.

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