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We started the Dynasty Drunks Fantasy Football Podcast because we love football, and we love fantasy football. Over the years, we have come to appreciate the challenges of running our teams. We want to create a global community of people that share our passion.

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How it Started

Creating a dynasty fantasy football podcast has been at the top of our to-do list for years. Still, we always made excuses. Finally, we threw our fears and excuses aside and created the Dynasty Drunks Fantasy Football Podcast. We started as two friends that like to talk about fantasy football. Our podcast has been so fun that we want others to share the fun with us. We will continue to grow and improve to provide you, the listener, with a product you love.

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About the Show

The Dynasty Drunks are here to help you win your fantasy leagues!  We truly love watching NFL games and rooting for our fantasy teams. Every year we look forward to creating our fantasy football rookie rankings as we attempt to discover hidden gems. We are fantasy football enthusiasts; this is our hobby and passion, second only to the Green Bay Packers!

Dynasty fantasy football is our favorite format. The podcast is centered around dynasty fantasy and we want to share our thoughts on every player, team, and college prospect. We want our listeners to be well informed and entertained. 

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Our Mission

Fantasy football connects people around the world, and we want to enable those friendships. The podcast has strengthened our relationship and has allowed us to develop new friendships. We want to replicate our experience and share it with you. Fantasy Football is an avenue for us to practice our core values and help you achieve success.

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